First Worlds Deadliest Webcomic will return December 1st with a huge promotion we are calling; “Twenty Five Days of Deadly.” We will be uploading a brand new Worlds Deadliest Webcomic every day for Twenty Five Days straight! Check out our trailer for the Twenty Five Days of Deadly here;

To help you stay up to date here’s some of the new content that’s been published over the last month.

1. Read all the latest Worlds Deadliest content here; Double Death Choke, Struggle for Survival and Spinal Tap

2. I posted some New Pencils by me (Worlds Deadliest Artist) Sam Kressin for Strength Monsters Issue #2 Christmas Tree Delivery Due out in December. You can still download issue #1 for free here;

Christmas Pencils


3. I also published several new life drawings on my Patreon page here and here.

Life Drawing 10-21-14

4. Follow me on my personal youtube channel I have started doing what I hope will turn into weekly Vlog where I will talk about martial arts, comic books and all kinds of other stuff. Vlog 1 Welcome to My Book Collection (Danzig Parody), Vlog 2 Sex Violence and Superman.  I can promise there will be an increase in the quality of the video and sound on these Vlogs soon also.

That’s all for now keep following us on facebook here, on twitter here and over here on google plus as well will be keeping everyone up to date as we get closer to December, the release of Strength Monsters Issue # 2 and Twenty Five Days of Deadly.