death-touch-scienceIf you’ve ever wanted to know how Dim Mak could possibly work through a western medical perspective, then “Death Touch: The Science Behind The Legend Of Dim-Mak”
by Dr. Michael Kelly, is probably the most in depth source written on this subject. Michael Kelly, an Osteopath, attempts to explain how Dim Mak could work based upon his knowledge of western medicine, as well as the anatomy and physiology of the body. The majority of what Kelly presents is a theoretical framework based upon his study and education in the medical sciences. The explanations Kelly provides, in an attempt to try to connect physiology with Dim Mak points of attack on the body, have not been researched or proven and would be in need of future study. At times, some of Kelly’s ideas can be very interesting, but often Kelly’s writing will go into unnecessarily lengthy explanations of basic, foundational neuroanatomy and physiology. In these moments the text will become very dry reading, similar to an anatomy textbook, except without any illustrations, pictures, or diagrams. Overall, if a detailed western medical description of how Dim Mak could work is something you are interested in then I would add this book to your library.

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